Thalac Mediterranean Salt Scrub (220ml)

Exfoliant with sea salt crystals – mechanical action

Exfoliating body gel with Mediterranean Sea salt.
For a unique sensation. Enriched with lipidreplenishing active ingredients from marine fucus for soft, healthy-feeling skin. It refines the skin, rapidly smoothing its texture.

Leaves skin feeling soft and silky.

 Skin types :
All skin types

 Instructions for use :

Apply to damp skin and gently exfoliate in small circular movements. Rinse liberally under the shower.

 Contents :
220 ml

Active ingredients
  • Wheat germ oil: nourishing, softening, anti-oxidant, delays the effects of skin ageing
  • Vitamin E: anti-free radical, helps maintain skin elasticity and moisturisation
  • Grape seed oil: softening, soothing, anti-oxidant
  • Oily fucus macerate: moisturising and remineralising
Dead skin cells and impurities eliminated. The skin is nourished, clean and soft.
Ingredients Plus
Thanks to its high mineral and trace element content, salt has been used for beauty treatments all over the world for thousands of years. This scrub is perfect for gentle exfoliation.


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