Civasan Sizopirin Cellular Mess Cream


Prescription after MTS, peeling and laser

Blocking of living UV ray

Primer function

Soothing and nourishing stimulated epidermis


It delivers the protein enzyme to our skin. The enzyme helps to release the pimple and sebum, ease your redness skin and increase self-sustaining power of your skin.

Ingredients and benefits:

  1. Centipede extract: Helps to damaged skin recovery and anti-inflammatory action.
  2. Oligopeptide: Stimulate reproduction of skin cells and protein.
  3. Olive oil: It is vegetable squalane which prevents allergies and bacteria multiplication.
  4. Hydrolyzed collagen: Increase the self sustaining power of skin to help collagen reproduction and improve skin elasticity.

Bacillus Extract: Fermented bean extract which is disassembled into nano size particle will penetrate into the skin and create moisture layer.


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