Cell Fusion C Rejuveblue Effector

Blue active serum that helps to improve skin step by step.

Product Features

Focused soothing
Guaiazulene ingredient provides calming soothing effect to sensitive irritated skin

Cooling effect
Lowers skin temperature and provides cooling effect to skin that is reddened because of external stimulus

Phased skin strengthening
REGENESIA® LS ingredient that is excellent to resist to external stress and 5 Growth Factors (EGF, IGF, TGF, KGF, FGF) help to make skin healthy

[Skin safety test completed]
[Skin soothing (redness relief) test completed]
[Skin barrier improvement test completed]

Major Ingredients

This patented ingredient integrates Cell Fusion C technology and it is composed as skin structure. It fundamentally strengthens skin from deep inside and helps to consolidate skin barrier.
Extract of Laminaria Saccharina, a kind of Brown algae gathered in Northeastern coastal area of Canada, is outstanding in ability to adapt to stress caused by external factors. It produces collagen deeply inside the skin, suppresses enzymes that may decompose collagen and helps to raise skin health energy.

How To Use

At the next step after toner apply a suitable amount along the skin texture.


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