Cell Fusion C Rejuveblue Effector

Soothing toner to calm skin irritated by external factors

Product Features

Soothing ingredient Guaiazulene relaxes irritated skin

Low pH toner (5.5) protects skin barrier that can be easily get damaged

3 in 1 soothing polymer system forms thin smooth moisture film to protect skin and provide a plenty of moisture

[Skin safety test completed]

Major Ingredients

This patented ingredient integrates Cell Fusion C technology and it is composed as skin structure. It fundamentally strengthens skin from deep inside and helps to consolidate skin barrier.
Extract of Laminaria Saccharina, a kind of Brown algae gathered in Northeastern coastal area of Canada, is outstanding in ability to adapt to stress caused by external factors. It produces collagen deeply inside the skin, suppresses enzymes that may decompose collagen and helps to raise skin health energy.

How To Use

Apply adequate amount on the whole face equally after cleansing in the morning and at night.


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